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Juan Becerra at the II International Avocado Seminar

The Managing Director of Alcoaxarquía Group, Juan Becerra, participated in the II International Seminar on Avocados from Spain, which took place on June 9 in Seville. A meeting organized by AGQ Labs, which brought together specialist technicians from different countries in order to discuss about avocado, given the importance of this product at a national and international level, with continuous needs for technical, productive and commercial improvement. The day was followed by more than 500 registered in the face-to-face and online modalities.

Juan Becerra spoke as a speaker on behalf of Asociafruit, the association of fruit producers and exporters, vegetables, flowers and plants from Andalusia, of which Alcoaxarquía is a part, with our CEO José Antonio Alconchel being the president of the tropical fruit area. Asociafruit was one of the sponsors of the seminar.

Juan focused his speech on presenting the avocado sector in Andalusia and its position in relation to the Spanish and world market, and spoke of the new challenges facing the sector from the point of view of production and marketing, highlighting the importance of R&D&I strategies, which the Alcoaxarquía group develops permanently in its search for products ready to eat and adapted to the needs and preferences of the consumer.

Subsequently, a round table was held that gave answers to the round of questions opened after the presentations. During the colloquium, Juan Becerra and the rest of the speakers reflected, based on the questions raised, on agronomic and biological aspects of avocado cultivation, but also on key issues that concern marketing, access to markets and the final consumer.