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Citrus fruits in general and oranges in particular were a part of Alcoaxarquía from the beginning, with our founder being a pioneer in creating distribution channels for this citrus fruit over 50 years ago.

In the provinces of Seville or Cádiz (Spain), we harvest different varieties over the course of the season, offering our customers a continuous, high-quality service. Given our experience of working with customers from different distribution networks, we offer varied formats that meet each of their needs.


Discover all of our packaging options

Cellulose or plastic mesh in format of 1 Kg.

4-piece tray.

Box of 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg and 18 kg.

Different packaging formats with or without alveolus. From 3 kg to 8 kg.

Discover our citrus

We grow these fruits throughout the year, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs with 3 varieties from 2 different sources. Throughout the year, we work locally with our production in the Andalusia area and with our production in Peru.

Our geographical location in Spain is perfect for exporting to every country in Europe and our subsidiary in Peru gives us access to the USA and Asian countries. Nonetheless, we are constantly exploring new ways to expand.

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