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The begining of the avocado season in Levante (Spain)

In these days before Christmas we begin the avocado harvest in the Valencian Community, where the group has a presence through the Alcoaxarquía Levante subsidiary, located in the Valencian town of Sollana. A strategic commitment of the group in this year 2023, aimed at providing consumers with local, sustainable avocados with a minimal carbon footprint.

Therefore, Alcoaxarquía Levante collects this product in the Valencian Community and processes it in Sollana, thus avoiding transport to the Vélez-Málaga plant and its corresponding environmental impact. In Sollana we have a production capacity of 1,000,000 kilos per month and we hope to reach 2,000,000 kilos per month very soon. We have cold and maturation chambers.

The group is optimistic in this first campaign with a full presence in the area, where the agronomic team has worked in the last year alongside the associated farmers, providing them with the group’s know-how so that they can get the most out of their plantations.

At the moment the harvest is focused on the Hass variety and from March-April we will begin with the Lamb Hass variety.