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The first loads of avocados leave from Alcoaxarquia Maroc

The first trucks loaded with avocado are already leaving Alcoaxarquía Maroc, from the new processing plant located in Tangier, in a strategic position from an operational point of view in general and logistics in particular.

Our group has wanted to take advantage of the Moroccan avocado campaign from the beginning, for which it has carried out enormous work to prepare infrastructure, human resources and supply of materials, in coordination with our producers in the area, with whom we have been working. in recent campaigns.

The avocado campaign in Morocco is expected to extend until February or March 2024, a period in which the Moroccan subsidiary expects to process and serve approximately 5,000 tons that will go to the different European markets.

The launch of the new plant was attended by our CEO, José Antonio Alconchel; the Managing Director of the group, Juan Becerra; and Mr. Hasnaoui Aziz Choukri, a fundamental collaborator in this new project that reinforces the presence of the group in the different producing areas of both hemispheres, and the guarantee of supply that the company boasts, marketing what we produce.