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The sweet taste of the tropics

Given the excellent conditions that we have for growing mangos in the Axarquía region (Andalusia – Spain), we specialize in this fruit. Every year, we offer our customers the different varieties that are available in our production area. Starting with the Tommy Atkins mango in August, followed by the Osteen, Kent and Keitt mangos until the end of the season, which is normally around the end of November.


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Generic and with our Nagami Tropi brand name. Also available in a Flow-Pack. Sizes 5-6-7-8-9-10-12.

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We grow this fruit throughout the year, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs with 3 varieties from 2 different sources. Throughout the year, we work locally with our production in the Andalusia area and with our production in Peru.

Our geographical location in Spain is perfect for exporting to every country in Europe and our subsidiary in Peru gives us access to the USA and Asian countries. Nonetheless, we are constantly exploring new ways to expand.

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