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Grupo Alcoaxarquía opens a new subsidiary in the Spanish Levante

The Alcoaxarquía group has created a new subsidiary, Alcoaxarquía Levante, in the town of Sollana, province of Valencia, an area known as the Spanish Levante, a prolific area for fruit and vegetable cultivation and trade, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

With this strategic decision, the group strengthens its production and logistics capacity, due to the proximity of the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Castellón, determining factors in the feasibility study of this project. For José Antonio Alconchel, President of the group, “having the capacity to receive, ripen and prepare avocados in Valencia allows us to improve the final service to our clients, given the concentration of the different commercial offices of important operators.”

The processing plant is the result of a 25-year rental agreement with the firm Constantino Adrián, owner of this 2,500 m2 facility, which will be expanded to 3,500 m2 built. Alcoaxarquía is already working on the design and equipping of this facility, which will have a production capacity of 1,000,000 kilos per month in the first stage and 2,000,000 kilos per month in the second, and will have cold and maturation chambers, in a clear commitment of the group to reinforce the line of avocados.

True to its business vision, in addition to the handling plant, Alcoaxarquía operates in parallel to ensure and control local production through exploitation agreements with farmers in the area, as well as the exploitation of its own farms. For this we will have the necessary technical team to provide agronomic advice, incorporating our line of R+D+I and sap monitoring, and continue advancing in the optimization of maturation according to the demands of its clients, given the relationship we have between the field techniques used and the subsequent pre-ripening of the avocado. All this will allow us to continue consolidating our production processes in a sustainable and organic way in a short-term objective of reducing our carbon footprint and making sustainable, tasty, healthy, social products and with a faithful global service to our customers.

In the header image, from left to right, Juan Becerra (Managing Director of the Alcoaxarquía Group), José Antonio Alconchel (President of the Alcoaxarquía Group) and Juan Vicente Adrián (of the firm Constantino Adrián).

In the image above, the location of the new Alcoaxarquía Levante facilities in the town of Sollana (Valencia).