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Smart irrigation management for more sustainable crops

The Alcoaxarquía Group adds to R&D&I with the incorporation of dendometric and intelligent technology for the optimization of water resources in its crops, which will result in more sustainable and responsible products.
The agreement signed with the company Hidrosoph will allow the system, called Irristrat™, to be applied to its farms in Spain, Peru and Mexico. On September 2, the first installation was made at the Vincardiel estate, located in the province of Huelva, in the south of Spain.
We have integrated Irristrat™ into AlcoNature, our comprehensive agronomic digital management system, and it is based on intelligent irrigation water management software, which integrates sensors, flow meters, dendrometers and satellite images, among other resources, in addition to monitoring equipment , processing field information in real time and providing our technicians with precise indications for more efficient irrigation programming and better results. A solution that enables integrated management of all the group’s plantations in different areas of the world, constantly obtaining performance data that will be analyzed through Business Intelligence in order to predict agronomic behavior and, ultimately, provide the market with products with sizes and maturation more adjusted to consumer demand.
Through this strategic decision, the Alcoaxarquía Group takes a decisive step both in the modernization of its crops and in its sustainable development policy. The company is aware of the importance of water as the main source of life and vehicle in the nutritional process of trees and their fruits; managing water is managing its life and growth.

In the image, from left to right: Ángel Ruiz Ponce Rodríguez (Consulting Engineer at Hidrosoph) and Juan Becerra (Managing Director of Grupo Alcoaxarquía).