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Alcoaxarquia Levante

Alcoaxarquia Levante

Proximity to the supply chain

Alcoaxarquía Levante is located in the town of Sollana, province of Valencia, an area known as the Spanish Levante, a prolific area for fruit and vegetable cultivation and trade, where the Lamb Hass avocado variety is grown.

With this subsidiary, the group strengthens its production and logistics capacity, due to the proximity of the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Castellón. From here the avocado is received, ripened and prepared, which allows us to improve the final service to our customers, due to the proximity of the different commercial offices of large players in the supply chain.


We have a new plant with a surface area of 3,500 m2, equipped with the most modern machinery on the market.


We provide fresh products harvested in the best conditions to maintain the quality that our customers demand.


Our production plans in different parts of the world mean that the product is available to you at all times. 

Alcoaxarquia Levante

Commitment to local avocado production

From Valencia we control the local product through production agreements with farmers in the area, as well as the development of our own farms. All of this potentially gives us a production capacity of 2,000,000 kilos per month, in a clear commitment by the group to strengthen the avocado line.

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