Alcoaxarquía Peru

Guaranteed supply and quality

Alcoaxarquía Perú is our partner, created in 2016, with the aim of controlling the production and traceability of imported products, as well as ensuring our customers can enjoy a controlled supply, 365 days per year and improving in terms of competitiveness in the American and Asian markets.

We mainly focus on the export of Palta (the name for avocado in Peru). We plan to continue to improve our production and processing infrastructures in Peru over the next few years.

An organic future

Alcoaxarquía Perú was founded in 2016. We grow and package the product in our subsidiary to then be distributed to the European, Asian and American markets.

Our current production is 4,500 tonnes of organic and in-conversion avocados.

At the end of 2018 we hope to control 400 hectares of avocado.